The Novellas

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On a distant moon called Titan, Marcus and his elite team of mercenaries face their greatest threat, forcing Marcus to make a painful choice in…

Cargo 3120
Ties that Bind Part 1

While on a dangerous mission to Titan (Saturn’s largest terraformed moon), Marcus leads an elite team of mercenaries deep into enemy territory. But when a series of events causes the mission to go south, they soon find themselves in the crosshairs of Saber Team, an elite Black Ops unit led by the cunning career soldier: Lieutenant Donald Shepard, who had been hot on their trail for years.

Following the disastrous job on Titan, Marcus finds himself the target of a powerful assassin and a vindictive politician with a dark agenda in…

Cargo 3120
Ties that Bind: Part 2

While struggling to accept his new fate following the Titan job, Marcus seeks to start a new chapter amid the ashes of his former life. But when he is forced to endure the fallout of decisions he made two years earlier, he quickly learned that all deeds come with a price. Trying everything possible to keep from plunging back into his old ways, Marcus soon finds himself facing this dark echo from the past, forcing him to make an impossible decision… Kill or die.

After a tumultuous stay at the Martian penal colony called Runner’s End, Marcus’ problems are just getting started as he is forced to make a choice that could have galaxy wide consequences in…

Cargo 3120
Ties that Bind: Part 3

Following an extended stay at the most treacherous labor detail on all of Mars, Marcus is a broken man, struggling to walk a straight path for the sake of his family. After taking a questionable job from a shady figure out of his old life, Marcus finds things are even worse than he thought and ends up caught in the middle of a conflict that could plunge the galaxy in all-out war..

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